I really get where you’re coming from, but even worse is that I’m a year younger than you (8 months if we are to be precise, and we are) and I feel old!

For instance, today Aarhus is hosting the largest Friday bar in Denmark, which is also the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Student Union in Aarhus. The young, fun and adventurous me would have been part of that in a heartbeat. Why am I not then? Because I’m old. I’ve turned responsible. I know it sounds like something I’m making up, but seriously I’ve been at home all day studying economics, because it is the responsible and grown-up thing to do.

Largest Friday bar 2011

So while you’re at your prime and feel young at heart, I feel old and sloppy inside. My heart is definitely about 80 years old. Next I’ll be leaving home hours before I have to because something unexpected might happen on my way from A to B. I’ll take naps in the middle of the day (something I haven’t done since I was two unless I’m ill). I might even offer you a Wether’s Echte/Original from my pocket, which might very well soon be housing the handkerchief of nastiness!

Yes I am old!