I’m old.

You know how in my head I don’t feel old? Well, I did today. I am not old. 26 is not old. It will be decades before I am old, you hear me?

I discovered that I am currently sharing a class with a girl my younger sister went to school with which really shouldn’t surprise me since I know I am studying the same as Marianne who is even younger than my sister, but this feels worse than that!

At first I wasn’t really sure. It is not like I really know the girl in question – except I think I might have taught her younger siblings in gymnastics. She has like seven and I taught gymnastics for four years, so there is a possibility but on the other hand they all have these Russian sounding names despite being Danish all the way to the bone, so you would think that I would remember a name like Ariana or Anastasia, okay I don’t think one of them are called Anastasia, it is too obvious. And now I’ve gone out on a tangent. Sorry, back to the my point. – But she looked enough like I might know of her. My sister did not really get along well with her so I’ve only met her in passing.

Anyways. I went home and looked up the participant list for the class and lo and behold there she was with way more middle names than I remember her having. I then cross checked with Facebook and while she is not friends with my sister, she is friends with two people who are very much part of the local community so it is safe to say that she is who I think she is.

So thus we can conclude that I have every right to feel old even if I’m not actually old because I am now attending class with the people my sister used to attend classes with. And that is just not supposed to happen, okay?

But hey, I’m young at heart so I’ll live despite this recent discovery.


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