Forgive me father for I have sinned.

I sort of inadvertently went to a Nik & Jay concert last night and I somehow kind of ended up liking it. Wait! Before you start throwing stones and rotten tomatoes at me hear me out.

The Business and Social Sciences department of Aarhus University has the dubious honor of having the biggest Nik & Jay fan club in the entire country. I repeat the entire country. So they were the surprise act of the evening. Not that it was really a surprise since everyone and their mother knew.

Naively I thought I could avoid it all what with my active dislike of the “rapper” duo, but that thought failed before I even finished it, because it is frowned upon not to like Nik & Jay. Frowned upon, like it was the eighteen eighties and I wanted to marry someone below my social standing or I wanted to work in the fifties.

I was up against the establishment of 2000 others who loves Nik & Jay. I had no chance! So I threw all common sense out of the window and just went with it. I belted the few songs I knew and some I most certainly didn’t know and danced along like there was no tomorrow. I moved forth, back, left, right, up and down with the rest being dragged into their mass hysteria.

It was so bad that Morten called me a closet-fan. And if there is something I’m not it is a fan of Nik & Jay. I turn off the radio if one of their songs should come up. I can’t distinguish between the different songs even with a gun to my head and I generally find them utterly ridiculous.

But I can’t deny I had fun but that is due to hanging out with one of their many #1 fans during their performance and the whole building losing their minds all at once.

I mean look at them. Crazy doesn’t even cover it. 


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