The Pity Party ends now.

Ben & Jerry made a quick appearance and then went on their merry way. Because Ben & Jerry will never pity you. They will always solve all your problems no matter what. Boy problems, school problems, friend problems, depression problems, identity problems and I guess I should add girl problems, but Ben & Jerry mostly solve problems for the ladies not about the ladies.

Last time you and I had Ben & Jerry over was not a Pity Party, so why now?

Another reason The Pity Party ends now? I am a horrible party host. I hate throwing parties. I love going to them, but gawd I hate having people over when I know all they will do is make a mess that I have to clean. Think about it? When was the last time you ever attended anything thrown by me where there were more than six people in total?  Never! Because I don’t host parties.

Third reason is that pity is overrated. You never really get what you want from The Pity Party. Most people that show up have no idea what is going on and thus will not pity you. The people who know what is going on knows that pity is not really what you need and lastly the people who have made you suffer and be in need of the pity might not show up and if they do show up they will avoid attention by not making any comments about anything.

So there. Pity Party canceled.


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