Magic Mike Review.

Okay, so we saw Magic Mike with a movie theater filled with somewhat screaming girls – and one guy who clearly was more whipped than whipped since he saw it with his girlfriend. (Neither Diana’s or my gaydar pinged.)

It was entertaining. I am not going to say it was well-written or well-acted, because let’s face it: It was never supposed to be those things, but it was entertaining. And somehow and I’m not quite sure how it felt real. It was not overacted and even though they all portrayed caricatures they seemed like real people.

And I think that is what I have to say that is positive. It was filled with plotholes and lacked any real emotional appeal. I really did not care if Mike lost his money, if he got the girl, or anything else he went though.

Also for being the lead role Channing kept his clothes on way too much. But boy can he dance!

So – because Morten says I should review movies within their genre – I will give Magic Mike two and a half ecstasy pill out of six.

And since this post is about Magic Mike and Magic Mike is about hot guys I am just taking time to induct Elijah Wood as my prospect on The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider. Mostly because I’ve been watching the second season of Willfred, but also because it was always about him in The Lord of The Rings and not Orlando. At least for me.


And Diana requested Dean Geyer, whom I repeatedly need clarification of identity of. So no picture from me.


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