America – the country to love and hate…

Well I pretty much agree with you in regards to the review of Magic Mike. Channing was clearly not naked enough, but none the less there were man candy and I therefore feel more like 3,5 out of 5 ecstasy pills. And by the by what genre are you judging it within? The male stripper movie one because there I can only come up with one real “opponent”.

I was going to make this an ‘I love America for all the man candy’ but ‘I hate America for all the prudishness and lack of self-irony’ blog post, but to be honest I feel that it gets slightly heavy for these hours.

I will contemplate my initial blog idea in the coming days, so that you are not all left in the dark thinking “what on earth was that about”.

But for now, goodnight.

Uh, I almost forgot – I present to you Dean Geyer:


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