Two is the magic number, oh wait, that’s three. Oh well. We are at two on the Magic Mike Countdown, so for now two is the magic number.

And this is not so much a countdown as it is the two most fantastic stipper names. Yours and mine. In the movie we have Dallas, Magic Mike, The Kid, Big Dick Riche and so on. But they have nothing – nothing I tell you  – on our stripper names.

Ready? Okay!

According to one formula which involves the third letter in your first name as well as the third and second letter of your last name. You my friend will be Chesty Glitter-Tush! While I’ll be Roxie Heaven-Ridge.

Another place you just write you name a name generator comes up with the answer. So your name will be Star Glitz-Sparkle and as your partner in crime I will be Lacy Cherry-Dixon.

And a third place gave me Bambi Turburble and Velma Trouser-Snake.

The internet is ripe with stripper names!