Four days!

We haven’t had a countdown in a while. Maybe because we haven’t been posting in a while, but let’s not dwell on that. So I propose a joint countdown, yes, you read that right. A joint countdown!

And what will we be counting down to, you might ask? Well the screening of Magic Mike, no wait, the advanced screening of Magic Mike!

The countdown begins.

So I will start the countdown – and my attempt to jump start our blog after our Summer downfall – to Monday evening when the magic will happen – sorry I couldn’t not write it like that.

Since this is a countdown to one the movies we are looking forward to the most this year, I will now list four other movies I want to watch.

Random order by the way.

1. Take This Waltz:

Because I adore Michelle Williams and I really enjoyed Seth Rogen in 50/50 where he is funny, but now aggressively so. And I hear Sarah Silverman is just awesome.

2. Safety Not Guaranteed:

Because, well time travel, duh!

3. The Dark Knight Rises:

Ehm, need I explain this? Plus Joesph Gordon-Levitt. Yet, as I discussed with Mette the presence of Anne Hathaway is slightly worrying.

4. Seven Psychopaths:

I really really liked Martin McDonagh’s previous movie In Bruges, so I am looking forward to this immensely. Also Colin Farrell has finally gotten his acting straight. Sam Rockwell has always been a favorite of mine and how can you not love Christopher Walken and a story that basically is about dog-naping?

Honorable mentions: Looper, Frankie Go Boom, Hit and RunDjango Unchained, Ruby Sparks, Hello I must Be Going, For a Good Time, Call…, Celeste and Jesse Forever, Life of Pi and many more that I know already premiered like The Hunger Games, Cabin in the Woods and Brave.

Disclaimer: I’ve cheated and used American release dates and not Danish. Sue me I don’t care.

Also, tag you’re it!


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