I was right.

So this whole summer time thing was spot on huh?

I really wish it was because it is summer and I’m out enjoying it that I haven’t been updating either of my blogs, but alas, that is not true. The real reason? Work. Work and then some more work.

And it is not like I work a lot. I only work full time – granted a bit more in the three weeks my boss left me and Nanna in command on our own – which includes today which was a killer. We are rebuilding the store so we got ALL the new furniture and other things arrived today so I had to move it all around since Nanna was less than skilled with the pallet jack – Hey! I totally learned a new word today! – and I then remembered why I am starting my master’s degree come September. I am not cut out for that much manual labour. Sure I can stand up all seven hours at work and walk around, be heavy lifting and moving? Not my thing.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Work is exhausting. Not so much the act of working, but because I have to be at work at five in the morning it totally screws with my internal clock – I swear I almost wrote eternal clock – I am not a morning person. At all. And to make matters worse? Even morning people think that being at work at five in the morning is insane. So what the fuck am I doing?! Oh yeah, making money while not being bored out of my mind doing nothing. But the worst thing about being at work at five in the morning? I have no energy when I get off work yet I still can’t fall asleep at night. Catch 22.

Yet I am happy to report that if I can convince the new guy I’ve been teaching to open that he will not require my help on Tuesday that I only have three. THREE! more morning shifts to endure. The  endure part is only the getting up before the sun part of the job, I don’t actually hate my job.


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