I have issues with everything really!

It is true I have some issues with ‘Girls’, but I really do have issues with everything if I am honest. I am a happy complainer and I will be for the remainder of my days on this earth.

I do like ‘Girls’ I just don’t love it – yet.

As for the characters we both agree and disagree on them. Hannah to me is quite why I don’t love the show yet. I can’t figure out what she is. She should really grow a pair and get over Adam, but then on the other hand *spoiler alert* I really like how he grows as a character in the latest episode. He finally becomes human and to me that adds something to Hannah as well. So I am still undecided on that one.

I am very surprised by the fact that you loathe Jessa (that is the character name) as much as me. I would have though somehow she would be more relatable to you. I detest her. To me the only function of that character is to balance out the others and I honestly think I could find a better way to do that.

Charlie I don’t really want to say anything about because I consider him a totally spareable character.

Shoshanna is perfect, she is so innocent and still gets dragged into it all. The tow crunching pain of watching her getting rejected because she was a virgin was so awkward and funny at the same time. I love what she adds to the show, and I do feel like she is the character with most growth potential.

Marnie is by far the most normal, and I loved the way she spend a whole episode trying to avoid getting dumped by Charlie and then in the middle of sex she dumps him. She makes the entire thing more real and therefore the entire thing so damn relatable. Because that is what it is. It differentiates from all of the other shows because it is just real life on TV without being reality TV.

I will keep watching and I think this will end up like the friend you have for years, and when people ask if you are a couple you make weird distorted faces, but one day you realise that maybe being in a relationship with this friend would not be so bad. That is what ‘Girls’ is to me.


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