Answer me this.

I have a question and yes, it might be silly, but judge me later. Here goes:

Can I have a voice on my The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider?

No, wait. Hear me out. I want Alan Rickman’s voice. I don’t find him particularity hot or anything, but his voice is one of the most awesome in the whole world. No offence Morgan Freeman, but I could listen to Rickman talk all day every day.

So thoughts…?

Also I added Andrew Garfield and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to my list. (Sorry Joanna, but you are not part of the list so I can have Joe on my list.)

Look at ’em. Even pretty in black and white.

My name is Andrew and I have an adorable British accent.
My name is Joseph and I don’t have a British accent, but I’m still adorable.

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