Girls just wanna have fun.

So I have a confession to make. I really like Girls. I know you have some issues with it, but so far I’m liking it quite a lot.

Yeah, it is painfully awkward at times, okay most of the time, but somehow it reasons with me. And for once I am not actively hating the main character – she is not my favorite for sure, but she is not the worst. Hannah is interesting and human if you ask me because she does stupid things at stupid times, but that is just how life is.

The worst is Jessa or what the fuck her name is. I want to slap her. Hard. With a dead fish. I really like Charlie, but mostly when he grew a pair and sang Hannah’s Diary – which was an awesome scene by the way – so I doubt he will be returning in later in the season since he is no longer dating Marnie, but who knows? Relationships are complicated.

I also quite like Shoshanna, but as of this writing she has not gotten a lot of screen time, but when ever she is on screen I always smile. I’m not sure how to feel about Marnie. She seems like the most normal of the bunch, but also quite judgmental at times, but then again who aren’t?

And then I just wanted to share this mock poster someone made:

I think it is funny because it is true, but just because you have famous parents who might have helped you get where you are most people wont make it there without any talent. Sure you can get a reality show if you are the offspring of someone famous, but star in a scripted show seems less likely to happen without any signs of talent.


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