What Public transport teaches me!

Lately, as you know, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time going back and forth between my new apartment and my parent’s house. Since I don’t have a car I am doomed by the hell that is public transport – including railways that are being what ever it is that they do to them – which means at least 2,5 hours and two changes rather than 1,5 hour any car can do it in!

So I’ve had to make the best of these trips, and here is what I’ve learned from my less than brilliant co-commuters either from their internal conversations (yes I listen to other people’s conversations, and so do you) or just from what my own eyes can obviously see:

  • Velour is not suitable pant fabric – it looks disastrous (I sort of already knew this though)
  • When listening to phone conversation about various issues it is always the fault of the person on the other end! (especially if it is couple problems and the one on my end is the girl.)
  • Ten guys can not have sex with ten different hookers in one room so that they can switch around (this comes from an actual conversation – PROMISE!)
  • Four months is basically the same as a whole year
  • Your are way more grown up when you are in the ninth grade rather than the eighth.
  • Guys only think about one thing: Football (and here I thought they only thought about sex, but what do I know)
  • Guys in the army are tiny these days
  • girls dig poker players (apparently also the kind that are still in high school and loses £200 on a Tuesday trip to Germany – yeah wow, what a catch)
  • No one likes German in school (which is sort of true)
  • People will look at you strange if you answer the question that their companion could not answer.

So will all of this amazing knowledge pool just waiting for me in yet another train or bus I naturally will miss it loads now that I won’t be going to Århus for a little while.


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