My body is a zombie.

I am so tired. This whole getting up at four in the morning is tearing away at my last nerve. Most days I do okay, and get up at ten past four. I’ll sleep to about half past if I decide that I do not smell to bad and thus wont need a shower, but some days it is just hell getting up.

Like today. My grandmother actually knocked on my door – oh, did I not mention that when I have to be at work at the unholy hour that is five in the morning I live with my grandparents, because then I only have to bike ten minutes and not at least half an hour. Also I don’t have a bike so I’m currently using my grandmother’s old bike. And I forgot where I am going with this. Oh yeah, I almost overslept today – at half past four because she had yet to hear me get up. So I hurried up and made it to work just in time (Yes, I did run one red light and I forgot the bike lights)

The end result of this getting up at the crack of down is that if I wake from a deep sleep I will be a zombie for the rest of the day.

[Edited because I cannot spell to “my”. Which sucks because this automatically posts to Facebook so everyone there will be wondering what “Mt body is a zombie means. To quote Monica Bing née Geller: I’m just that stupid.]


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