The Panic is spreading…

So I’m packing too, though not moving quite as far as you and actually only moving my stuff for now, I’m still panicing.

So here I am packing the last bits and bobs of my life into boxes once more, while the panic consumes my brain, and is making me feel rather schizophrenic.

Here is what I am thinking right about now:

  • I need to sort my clothes
  • I don’t really have that much clothes
  • I wonder if I can bring my parent’s extra mattress without them noticing
  • I am so looking forward to moving out
  • Did I remember to write the people in charge of handing out the key
  • I’m sure I’ve forgotten something
  • Towels turning in the laundry machine – wise economic decision
  • I don’t want to leave, this is cheap living
  • Should I leave some DVD’s here for watching over the next few weeks
  • (packing all DVD’s)
  • I should definitely leave a few
  • Which should I leave?
  • Deciding to bring all DVD’s after all
  • Wonder if the moving trailer is big enough?!
  • Should I bring the boxes for under my bed
  • I definitely need to throw something out
  • Why is everything already packed?
  • Can’t wait to leave this mad house
  • I’m gonna miss the family so much
  • Why do I not have more clothes
  • Do I have a sheet for a single bed?
  • Nope all double bed sheets – crap
  • I don’t really feel like leaving!
  • I must get out of here…

And then it just all starts over!

This is my semi-packed bag.

So I feel you! I hear the pain in the list from the other day, and I’ve just decided that I will NEVER move again! I’m staying put!


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