Five minutes inside the brain of a madwoman.

This is what I am thinking right about now.

  • I’ve packed too much.
  • Why is it raining when I have to leave. Stupid London.
  • No! I love you London.
  • Oh, it is raining less now.
  • Fuck, I have packed way too much.
  • Is this room clean enough?
  • Did I throw my phone in the rubbish bin again?
  • Great, it is raining more again.
  • Did I print the bus ticket?
  • Maybe I should just go out in the rain.
  • Meh, there is more than two hours till I have to be at Liverpool Street.
  • I have nothing to do here than write down my thoughts on this blog.
  • Why wont it stop raining?
  • Shit, I am certain that I’ve packed too much.
  • What is that spot on the wall?
  • Oh, a flatmate arrived home, maybe they have a bathroom scale?
  • No. No scale. He doesn’t like to weigh himself.
  • I’ll just have to repack, throw out and wear extra pants and shirts later.
  • Should I throw out the extra pasta I have or just leave it for the others?
  • Why did the Red Cross have to be atop of a hill? My calves hurt.
  • It is still raining.
  • I’m throwing out the green pepper I have.
  • Seriously why wont it stop raining?
  • Too much, there is too much stuff in that backpack.
  • Fuck it all.

The end.


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