A terrible person.

I am truly a terrible person (and friend) that does not reply when you write me, but I don’t really see the point in apologising because that indicates me doing better in the future, which I can not promise.

But I will reply you in order of post by you, so we begin with Yemen.

Undoubtedly the Yemen episode of Friends is my favourite. There is only but one problem with it, there aren’t really any memorable quotes from that episode which can be used (and abused) over and over again. I can live with that though.
And naturally you can stay with me when you come to Yemen, if I am currently there. Though I think if either of us ever go to Yemen, the other one is bound to be the travel companion.

Next post!

You’re coming home – now it is only three days until we once more are living in the same time zone. This reminds me that we need to figure out when we can meet up. As you know I’ll be in Århus all weekends, and you are much welcome to come visit.


I really don’t know what to say. I didn’t like Community – sorry for that, but I can’t help it.


I am so LOVING the trailer. How can one not? I can’t believe how long we have to wait still! There is as of two days ago still no release date in Denmark, which honestly annoys me quite a bit. My guess would be that the release will end up to be either the same date as in the UK or Germany though.

I also missed Matt Bomer in the trailer, but I do love that Alex Pettyfer is in it. It is going to be so disgustingly hot – and probably simultaneously bad – even the Rihanna song indicates that – and then Tatum is in it, which taken into consideration by previous experiences means mediocre acting. But he is HOT and he is MINE!

But the trailer did make me smile, it still does.

So to pay you back, here is something that will make you smile, and which has Bomer in it:


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