Yes I am sort of yelling that at you because right at this moment I really needed to not feel like the only person in the world with a sense of humour (and Shrek Swamp Karaoke Dance Party reminds me of the big butts song performed against the brass hippo in Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna).

I just sat through one and a half hour of me and three others being the only people laughing at a stand-up show. We watched Michael Schøt, who I always find extremely funny and has the most sophisticated and politically challenging jokes. Apparently my little town in western Jutland was not ready for that. It was painful. Funny and no regrets about going but wow I felt bad for him. He had to pull people through the entire show – and several times I heard the couple in front of me saying things like: “I don’t get that” and “is that supposed to be a joke”.

Michael Schøt

So yes I felt sort of lost at the show, which I can totally recommend though.
Though in case someone who is not a Schøt fan reads this – DON’T GO! You will only make it crappy for the people who actually thinks he is one of the best comedians we have in Denmark.

So ‘Schøt Happens’ I can recommend.
Watching it in Holstebro on the other hand is far from recommendable.


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  1. H. Berg says:

    Next time you want to thank me for my awesome sense of humor – I challenge you to tell me it anything less than awesome! – there is no need for capital letters.

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