I karaoke, do you?

So I just watched the two karaoke videos from you birthday and I am off in my own little world. Seriously look at me.

Real world: Trine, Mai and Diana.
World of her own: Rikke

But I remember feeling quite present and aware of everything around me, so maybe I look far off because I am not as focused on the task at hand like the rest of you.

I know you want to see the videos. And you will, but I seriously doubt that the rest of the internet will ever discover how “slovt” this is. [Slovt is a contraction of Danish words for bad and fun. It just sounds better as slovt than bun or ban or even baun.]

I am trying to upload it to our super secret Facebook group, but this is how the status of that upload is looking after half an hour of uploading.

Facebook does not appreciate karaoke videos.

So you might see it in a week, if I do not give up and just Dropbox it.


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