Hip hip hurray.

First of, we need to just have this clip in our thread:

I really don’t get how you can tell me that raccoon stories are not believable. But the reason why I didn’t post yesterday or the day before was really that this Llama got lose in town and then everyone had to go look for it, and when we came back home really late in the evening it was standing in the middle of our living-room and it was total chaos.

Okay okay, there was no llama or raccoon – but still!

So here goes the birthday post.

First off I would like to thank the world for keeping the cinnamon exposure to an absolute minimum, ever so grateful I am (just felt like a Yoda moment).

I had a brilliant couple of days. Got to see some amazing friends that I miss all the time, you included. And well the rest is sort of self explanatory. I’m still waiting for the karaoke videos though. Because naturally we did karaoke. I am thinking we should totally do singstar for the Summer Party we’re having – what say you?

Back to the birthday.

I got some great gifts – mostly money, but that in itself is just a great gift, especially now that I’m moving away from home (makes me sound pathetic when it is said in the same post as I talk about my 25th birthday) and have to buy so much new furniture, since my Ikea apartment was sort of just trashed when I moved out of my last apartment.

Oh well I’m not complaining that I get new stuff, but I am not fond of the prices of such.

To end this post I think we should have the group picture from an amazing birthday party.

My peeps.

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