I have two excuses…

… and they are rather brilliant.

It all began when this raccoon came blasting through the window. Then the raccoon began shaking me from side to side and bumping my head into the table until I agreed to spend the entire afternoon and evening watching Ben Barnes movies of varying quality.

Sorry but you just got dumped for Ben Barnes.

Can you really blame me?

If you do not believe the raccoon story then we will just call my promise to make an update an April Fool. Yes it was the first of April yesterday so that is the one day through the entire year I am allowed to be a lying liar who lies.

You were very much right about the “not having something to say” part. I most often have something to say, and there will be a birthday update… Later today.

No April Fool this time – can’t promise the absence of raccoons though.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. H. Berg says:

    I never believe anything raccoon-related.

  2. H. Berg says:

    Also I don’t believe in April Fools.

  3. D. Kohler says:

    I believe in both!

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