Flabbergasted is an awesome word!

Well I have sort of been asking myself that same question and I have come to the conclusion that the lack of overexcited 5-year-old behaviour is three fold:

  1. I have been so unbelievably busy and overwhelmed by the whole moving to Aarhus thing that I have not yet realised nor accepted the fact that I am having a birthday in a few days.
  2. My head is a beehive of buzzing economical issues (yes I am poor, and yes I can manage on what I get, I just don’t want to have to), so I have not really had time to get excited about presents and cake because all of my money will go towards paying of my loans.
  3. I am hoping that by not attracting so much attention to the birthday people will forget that I turn 25 and hence there will be less cinnamon (this is obviously the most naive thought ever since a cinnamon excuse is something no one buys)

So that is my three-fold explanation to why I have not made a fuzz about my upcoming birthday – that and also people tend to hate my countdowns, which I am therefore not doing (You know how I always listen to what other people want).


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