Why Jake should be mine.

Here is why I should have Jake Gyllenhaal on my side of The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider.

  1. I want him.
  2. I spotted him why back in Donnie Darko. And I’ve been a fan ever since.
  3. I called dibs.
  4. I bought Moonlight Mile because he was in it.
  5. He is the reason I own a Jennifer Aniston movie; The Good Girl. (I actually have another Aniston movie as well. Because of Clive Owen. Dibs on Clive Owen!)
  6. I saw Proof which co-started the hated Gweneth Paltrow.
  7. I discovered this video:
    (Well, Jason Adams of My New Plaid Pants did, but I gave him the Mads Mikkelsen commercial a couple of months ago so we are even.)
  8. I would really really like him.
  9. According to his IMDb trivia his is friends with Austin Nichols. So if I have Jake we could hang out with you and Austin.
  10. He is one good looking man.

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