Okay then…

You get Jake. But only because I have Austin and they are friends (because hanging out with them together is so likely).

I am turning way to soft here. I gave you James without a fight and now I am suddenly giving you Jake also. There is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Still you can have Clive Owen (and I am not really giving anything up there).

So in return I think it is time that I once and for all for all call dibs on Chace Crawford, (despite his young age) Alex Pettyfer (very much because he is British and HOT),

(despite his older age) Jack Davenport (very much because he is British and HOT).

Well I think those are the ones I’d like to demand at the moment.

And just to refer back to your older posts, I do appreciate the countdown continuation despite lack of Internet access. Anne Hathaway should NEVER EVER try to speak English with a British accent it was toe crumpling awful.

My end note is meant to prepare you for what is to come. The next month or so will probably be a mixture of post where I am ecstatic about moving into my own apartment and bitching about all the packing and moving once again. When I finally move in the posts will most probably change form to bitch about how expensive it is to live on one’s own in Aarhus. So be prepared.


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