Six, Five, Four, Three.

I call this the quick countdown post, which is just a fancy word for notes on the countdown, because I don’t feel like doing all of these individually. And tell me, honestly do you really want to read them? No, well I didn’t think so.


I’m pretty sure this would have been about our already well used Six Degrees of Separation. This would have let to a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and then to Three Degrees of Kevin Pollack because Pollack says:

“I don’t know why that pussy Bacon needs six. That’s my point.”


This would probably have been where I would say that the five-second rule is a good rule. Even if there is no such thing as clean food after it has been on the floor.


Four is dedicated to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because we have the four turtles Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo.

And my dad used to have a pair of Leonardo slippers that I would borrow despite a four size shoe difference and I took them with me on a ski trip with most of my classmates way back in 2003 and they (Both the slippers and The Ninja Turtles) were the most discussed topic aside from the burning popcorn or Morten cheating in Uno and still losing.

Like these. But less creepy and more old looking.


My birthday is the third. So awesome number. Also my immediate family are all born on days can be divided by three. Me on the third, my sister on the sixth, my mom on the twelfth and my dad on the twenty first.

So I like the number three. It was my favorite number when I still thought it was important to have a favorite number.


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