Ding Dong. The witch is dead.

This is the story of how the little old lady with control issues and who lived in a sauna with no internet connection kidnapped the countdown. It is a long and tawdry tale filled with twist and turns.

Or just how I got called to replace the girl who replaced me when I was stuck at work in a place I hated. But the living in sauna-part is true. She would have the heat on the highest possible setting for most of the day and then in the evenings she would have a fan turned on in her room as well. And she did not have internet hence no posts on six, five and four days till Denmark on the countdown. The control issues-part is also very true. I’ve could have done the job in an hour, but everything had to be done at least three times before she was satisfied that it was done correctly, even when I told her she was lying straight on the bed I had to shuffle her around for five more minutes.

So now I’m tired and cranky. I will be going out to find some food. And then post the real countdown – Maybe a day per post or just a giant post. Who knows?


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