TWoP 10 plus zombies.

Ten days and then this countdown will be over. Aren’t you glad?

Countdown item of the day: TWoP 10. Topic: Zombies. Why Zombies you ask? Well Kamila tweeted this photo yesterday

And I then replied nay, which caused Joanna to go into a mental breakdown because she could not comprehend that I am not very fond of zombies, so this countdown is in her honor.

It is called  TWoP 10: Shows That Would Be Improved With Zombies.

And in essence they think zombies rock and would add a little something something to a television program.

…almost any program could benefit from an infusion of zombies.

The shows that would improve with zombies are.

10. American Idol

9. America’s Next Top Model

8. Life Unexpected

7. Jersey Shore

6. Boardwalk Empire

5. The Office

4. Survivor

3. Gossip Girl

2. Detroit 1-8-7

1. V

Read the link for their reasoning. Also this is an article from 2010 so there is a whole television year’s worth of new shows that are not included.

For instance I’m pretty sure that the terrible Ringer would improve with some zombies and maybe if there had been zombies on Terra Nova it would not have been canceled.


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