I got lost at a crossroad; unfortunately I turned left when I should have gone right and I’ve spent days finding my way back and therefore haven’t posted anything.
Or if you don’t like that explanation then this raccoon came in the window and totally trashed all computers in the entire house, and that is why I haven’t posted anything for a little while.

Better get to it though.
(reminds me; shouldn’t we really get to know some real famous people instead of all of our separations going through Morten?)

First off I NEVER said I wanted my party to be Disney princess, I posted a picture of a very classy glittery pink shoe. And Dolly is sort of Disney princess, but classy? NO! So yes that idea is definitely out the window, though Gro said she would totally flunk out on Peter’s (her boyfriends) son’s birthday party to come to my Dolly Parton themed one, I’m just not really ready to sacrifice my party for that.

I do love your six degrees of separation outline on Dolly though.
As for the countdown, I LOVE IT. You know I’m a sucker for countdowns and therefore I don’t get your constant putting it down yourself.
Here are a list of things I’ve learned from your countdown (so far):

  • There is such a thing as happy numbers
  • I don’t understand the whole moons and months and weeks thing
  • It has become a common mistake to think iPhones are the only smart phones there are
  • I am not the only one that ever lived in England and did not really understand their Doctor Who fascination
  • I lived in England during the tenth doctor’s rule
  • Most reality shows would improve by adding zombies

Though I love all of the things you’ve taught me I must object to the fact that you so bluntly diss Terra Nova, though you never gave it a real chance and it did not get cancelled due to it being crappy but rather because of the production cost (words out of your own mouth). Terra Nova was a great show that would have worked very well as a one season show if it had been finished off properly and shame on you for adding zombies to it!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. H. Berg says:

    I love the random Friends reference and I hope I am not the only one who caught it.

  2. D. Kohler says:

    We make way to few friends references, and this one is one of my favourites.

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