White woman afro.

You are missing some crucial insight here.

All of the great times we’ve had – both the ones you’ve mentioned and the ones you have conveniently left out – were about having fun and reaching limits for what is normal or even sane. We’ve also done all of those things together.

I don’t have any issue putting myself out there – as I did with the troll picture, or white woman afro, as I like to call it. I guess I better post the picture before I go on:

I am not embarrassed (or at least not as much as I used to be) by acting stupid or behaving like a child. I am stubborn as a teenager, I speak my mind, I don’t let kids win games simply because they are kids, I accept that I can’t get along with everyone, I watch Paradise Hotel even though you don’t like that about me and generally I just behave like I want to. The thing is though that I am so used to behaving like I want to but with other people around that I’ve forgotten how to just be “normal” with myself, and that to me is losing my dignity. I don’t want to sit at home on a Saturday night with my parents watching what god awful TV-show Danish television has spat out this month.

I want to have photographs taken with German lions, I want to have my car towed in Nice, I want to burst out singing on the U-Bahn in Vienna, I want to fight over stupid things, I want to meet new people, I want to have minions, I want to almost slap a b*tch at a party because she thinks she’s better than me, I want to piss people off, I want to make people laugh. I want my life back! I want to not spend most of my time alone. I want to not fight with one of my best friends. Most off all I want you to come home. I need you to come home.

Sorry, this wasn’t meant to turn into a sob story…


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