Dignity is overrated.

Darling, dear Diana, you are friends with me ergo you dignity vamoosed long time ago. Okay, when put into words on the page that sounds slightly off. You have dignity. I have dignity. We have dignity.

Well, that is all I have to say on the subject of dignity – says the lying liar who lies. That and that I think dignity in terms of oneself is a bit overrated. Sure, self-respect is important but it is even more important to be able to laugh on your own expense. To get down from your high horse and just accept that you are not perfect. I had a friend who used to say that a sign of being a grown up was that you could act silly and don’t care what others would think. And if anyone can do that it is you and me. And we still do it with our dignity intact. Our self-respect intact.

Remember when we dressed up as a devil and a witch and then went to the movies? Or when we posed for pictures in the middle of a very drunken night with a German guy dressed as a lion in Vienna while walking around with dead flowers and no shoes for the latter part of that evening?

A night to remember!

Or how we have no qualms about breaking in to song at anytime or place? Or think of the sear amount of horrible pictures and things we admit to every time we update our 365 on Facebook? (Here I’m thinking of your troll picture. Priceless.) Some people will say that there is no dignity in any of those things, but I would disagree.

We have done some pretty weird stuff. And sure some might say that most of that is without dignity, but isn’t dignity what we make it? And as long as we respect ourselves we have some dignity. You and I just live in the grey areas, so how we see the world is slightly different and thus our idea of dignity and respect is different as well.

This was intended as a pep talk. I’m not sure it worked.


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