Return if found…

I have lost my dignity. Yes, I do realise that it probably happened a long time ago but I just realised myself. If you find it please return it to me.
Here are some suggestion as to where I might have lost it:

  1. When I began resenting people with actual jobs!
    This has actually happened, and it is so sad. I am so much better than being jealous at people with jobs – but then again – apparently not!
  2. The week where Saturdays turned into watching music from when Elvis was alive on TV with my dad, and me picking up my drunk mother in the middle of the night after a pop concert. (Jump back wild child!)
  3. When the most exciting thing in my life became the answer to the question “What’s for dinner?”
  4. When I forgot that such a thing as a Friday bar existed.
  5. When I skipped out on Oscar night because of work the next morning.

I feel beyond the point of resurrection – so go, go save yourself.
Because I no longer work well with little sleep – I used to – now I need more sleep than my grandparents. Run, run as if you were chased by the monster that hides under your bed.


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  1. Gro says:

    Maybe the first step to finding your dignity is realising you lost it… i remember something about horrible ten step programs that proclaims that realization is the first step. Well Even though I think that’s absolute crap – in this specific case it might not be…
    Sometimes life just seems so crappy that dignity just creeps out the back door like an old drunk when it’s closing time in the pub.
    So the big question is – how do we open the pub again – so dignity will come back with it’s head high ready to get drunk all over again…

    and I’m not sure that it’s your dignity you have lost – I think that maybe it’s just the big can of pink paint the rest of us have to paint life with – because if we don’t paint life in exciting colours – then it becomes unbearable….

    And you have reminded me that if someone have lost their dignity, it’s me. Because I haven’t been in contact – because you seemed to have lost your can of paint – and I didn’t want to lose mine…
    And that’s me bullshitting myself – because I’m not friends with your dignity, or with your can of paint – I’m friends with you – and I miss you…

    So maybe we can go out and find your dignity together, or find a place to buy a new can of paint?
    And maybe I can help you see that at least beeing a masters student isn’t all it’s cracked up to be 🙂 – At least when I’m honest – I don’t think it is – And you can tell me about how local turist offices have a special ability – mental drain…

    I hope this small contribution to your blog can at least lighten you mood a bit for a little while…


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