We are horrible competitive people aren’t we? I mean why else would we keep challenging each other at Bezzerwizzer? Well besides the fact that we both live immensely boring and monotone lives? Wait. I’m taking back the competitive label and just going with the truth: We are sad people with no life.

And now I’m depressed. Mostly because when we lived in the same timezone we would be sad people with no life together. And we would be able to sit up all night and watch the Oscar’s. (Be honest, if I were there to keep you company all night, would you really worry about going to work come Monday morning? I wrote a project with you. I know you work very well with little sleep. Don’t lie.)

Okay, back on topic. Wait, I don’t actually have a topic. This is just me rambling. Oh look:

Rambling can save your life!

By the way if you Google competitive sadness the first result is Sexual Competition in Britain: A Case Study in Sadness.