Love is sharing “Slippery when Moist” with friends.

And if that is true we most really love each other. Well, technically you more than me since you are the one doing the sharing, but I shared “All Over Your Face” – I’ll just take a second here to acknowledge how awesome Garfunkel and Oates are at naming their albums? Because damn!

I love that they’ve included this song on the album, because I’ve been waiting for that in download-able quality since forever.

Also the brilliance that is “The Ex-Boyfriend Song”. A song that is six seconds long. And goes something like this:

One, two, three.

I fucking hate you.

You fucking liar.

I mean how can you not love that song?

And “Google” seems to look promising. I’ve yet to hear it as I am still patiently waiting for Dropbox on your computer to finish uploading.

And “I Would Never (Dissect A Ewe)” a parody of “I Would Never (Have Sex with You)” presented by Garfunkel and Oates wearing wigs and thus being Simon and Hall – HA! – in the YouTube video of it.

It is also an educational song. I mean how many people know the ewe is what you call a female sheep? I didn’t.


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