It wasn’t on purpose – Promise!

So yes I did it again, I bought yet another doubtful DVD for my collection of mediocrity. This time I fell into the trap of a Danish actor and my Orlando Bloom crush in one and the same film.

I do very much have a soft spot for any American film starring Mads Mikkelsen, which is also the reason that I own King Arthur – yet another very questionable film. I very deliberately neglected to mention that one when I mentioned the rather embarrassing titles of my DVD collection a few days ago.

I am considering admitting myself at some sort of rehab clinic because this is really getting out of hand. Any DVD priced under 100 DKK (€13.5, £11.4, $17.8) and produced after the year 2000 will just automatically fall into my basket whenever I’m out shopping. I do realise that this price might not seem cheap to some but in Denmark it is pretty much half price of the normal DVD rate. So if you have a suggestion for a clinic feel free to contact me.

Are there actually clinics that deals with cumpolsive DVD purchase disorder (CDPD – try and say that out – if I had a badge to flash while saying it, it would totally sound like some police department somewhere).

Okay I’m rambling – like I don’t always – so I better stop.Especially since I don’t really know what this post is for, except your entertainment.


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