The YouTube Adventures.

Tonight I wanted to share a video with you. So naturally I went on YouTube to find it. And then I got caught in my own little related videos/pop cultural reference cycle.

It all started with pretty simple with this one:

Kuba posted a link to it ages ago and I couldn’t remember if I shared with you. And then I clicked related, because how can you now click on a video called “10 Reason Why We Hate Facebook”, it is impossible.

And reason number three led my directly to a classic Seinfeld moment. Context: Elaine is hanging out with George’s fiancée and thus causing his worlds to collide because George’s fiancée resides in a different world than Elaine, Jerry, Kramer and George needs to keep those worlds separate.

I so wish you were a fan of Seinfeld, but you’ll still get it, I’m sure.

Then I got caught in a Seinfeld spiral until I thought back to the Facebook video and remembered our good old friend Julian.

And when we talk about Julian I have to post a classic video from him – that is not a song.

And I better stop now before I just repost all the videos Julian Smith has ever made, but first here is a picture of Jeffrey!
Looking fly!

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