The story of how my DVD collection turned into bad acting.

Yes I have to admit it: My DVD collection is a strange mixture of titles, whereof most are not exactly known for incredible acting performances. I really don’t know when it happened, but I do have an idea how. First of all the not so great actors are often unbearably good looking. Just take Channing Tatum and Paul Walker (Why is he not on my list?).

Those two are quite often occurring credits in my collection…

For your convenience here are some of the more questionable titles of my 127 piece collection:

  • 54 – initially bought because of Ryan Phillippe (I think)
  • A Guy Thing – Have no clue why I have this
  • Cinderella Story – Chad Michael Murray is certainly the reason for this buy, and it does have its fun moments.
  • First Daughter – I don’t really like Katie Holmes, so no clue why I have it, except it probably being cheap (and I can’t help myself when there is a sale).
  • The Fast and The Furious – Paul Walker!
  • 2 Fast 2 Furious – Paul Walker!
  • Fast and Furious – Paul Walker!
  • Fast and Furious Five – Paul Walker, and this one isn’t half bad either.
  • Fighting – Channing Tatum, without a shirt through most of the film.
  • Into the Blue – Paul Walker, once again I’ll go with the no shirt argument.
  • Raise Your Voice – There is singing and Oliver James is sort of cute, and has a British accent.
  • She’s The Man – This I actually find sort of fun and because they don’t really take themselves serious this doesn’t really belong on this list, but here it is anyways. And Channing Tatum is in it (once again, quite shirtless).
  • Rounders – Well it’s Matt Damon, and so disappointing.
  • Spiderwicks – I think I liked the trailer and therefore thought that I’d give it a chance.
  • Takers – Because of the complete over use of a’ight, and then Paul Walker.

I do realise that this list would be way longer if you were the one deciding which of my titles are questionable, but I am entitled to like romantic comedies.

Visual proof.

So since I have become that sort of person who buys any bad film she comes across – and because there isn’t any more room on the shelve I’ve been granted – I must stop buying DVD’s. For my own good…


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