I’ve decided…

I don’t like the wordplay. Glant really doesn’t work for me.

But on the other hand I do agree with your conclusion. Glee and I are in a very bad relationship as well, and I am beginning to wonder if I’m only holding on because of my rather momentary pathetic life. I think I am. I find myself over and over again giving second chances. So much that I am now on my 24th chance, I think.

Maybe it is because of Darren Criss and his awesome suit-wearing-skills.

I have that feeling with a number of TV-series. As you mention, How I met your Mother; if Ted has to meet the mother in time to have those kids by the year stated in previous seasons, he needs to get a serious move on. Also, NCIS; I so love the crimes, but Gibbs is not developing as a character and now they’ve started to make romance between DiNozzo and Ziva, and that’s just no good.

I won’t mention all the series I have issues with because that will be a very long list and generally I have very few series-writers I agree with for very long. Luckily Revenge is still intact. For now.

This entire post is reminding me that I should really start being more critical and stop watching the crappy shows when they first become crappy. I have way to many  series to follow at the moment, and I desperately need to cut down. But how do I just say goodbye to them? They’ve become my friends, and we both know I suck at cutting off friends, no matter how bad a relationship it’s become.


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