Here comes my Glant.

I’ve invented a new word: Glant. It is a Glee rant, because I need to rant so badly that a new word has to be invented. The Glant begins any second now so click the little x if you want to escape it, mkay?

So I finally caught up on Glee, well, last night’s episode excluded, and boy am I thinking of breaking up with it. (Yes, I am in a relationship with Glee. And all the other tv shows I watch. I got the idea from The Critical Condition.) And my relationship with Glee is turning into an abusive one. One where he keeps beating me down every time I get my hopes up for some honest to God character development, or maybe following a storyline through. One where I keep thinking back to the good old days and even see a glimmer of hope every once in a while. But in the end it is what it is. A painful experience that needs to end.

Random notes on “Michael” and “The Spanish Teacher”

  • Harry Shum Jr. rocks the guy-liner in the Scream video. I might have to put him on my side of The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider, because damn! (And guy-liner is not normally a turn on for me.)
Why, hello.
  • Where the hell was Jenna Ushkowitz in those two episodes? She disappeared before Scream in “Michael” and does not appear again until the Valentine’s Day episode that I haven’t watched.
  • I’ve forgotten that Kevin McHale has some sweet dance moves.
  • God, I hate the Rachel and Finn getting engaged storyline.
  • I hate it even more than I hate Rachel as a character. Wishy washy idiot.
  • Did Ricky Martin always look like that?
  • Can we please never again have a storyline centered on Mr. Shue? He is an incompetent ass in every aspect.
  • Seriously Emma was a much more interesting character when she wasn’t with him.
  • At least we got to see Harry Shum Jr. and Heather Morris dance in “The Spanish Teacher”. Even if they had to be the ridiculous bulls in the last song.
  • Becky is still awesome without Dame Helen Mirren as her voice-over.

I don’t really care about a lot of these characters anymore which is the problem. I am doing what I always do, I care about the minor characters who are rarely used and only once in a while care about one of the major characters, so I set myself up for disappointment.

Gah. Fuck it. I’ll be having a winter fling with Being Human instead.

Also don’t get me started on How I Met Your Mother. That relationship is even closer to ending than the one with Glee. For many of the same reasons and because there are no likable characters left. At all.

End Glant.

Sorry about that. I just needed to get that off my chest. And I am aware that it does nothing to prove me sane that I compare watching a television show with a relationship, but that ship has long sailed.


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