Because I can.

I don’t really think that Yakko forgot any countries, I am certain he left them out for political reasons. These days – and certainly also back in ’93 – everything happens for political reasons. Whenever something doesn’t happen for political reasons they happen ‘just because they can’. Which is why my most used to answer to questions about my actions are answered with:

“Because I can”

As for this “new” blog, I am absolutely positive that we will love having moved it – I am already falling in love with it. So let’s try and continue the good work with not mentioning guys all the time – because we didn’t really make people expect that by adding ‘The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider ©™® – patent pending’ page…

Well I guess the rest of our day will be spent b*tching over at Valentine’s Day: Hatred and Loathing. Just because we can.


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