Sanity is overrated.

At least your exiting life is your own. When I am at work I live by the beck and call of another person. I can’t just decide to go to the movies or even for a walk without getting permission. I am forever waiting to live my life. Well at least until I quit the job and find something else to do, but that is not for the here and now.

And why we need to do a cover of “This Party just took a turn for the Douche”? Well obviously because we hate douches. But also because we would butcher those rhymes with our awesome beat and swagger. It will be so bad it is good. Or maybe we should do a cover of “Handjob, Blandjob, I Don’t Understand Job” because how scared would people be when we start singing that song? So scared. And then we can follow it up with the more low key “Sex with Ducks”. I love the titles of their songs. I can’t wait to hear what “Google” is about, besides Google.

But before we start our careers as Garfunkel and Oates cover artists – by the by we need to figure who we are of them – we need to learn all the words to Yakko’s Nations of the World song. Because. That. Would. Rock!

See how I did not mention a single guy in that post? I am proud of myself.


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