My very exhilarating life…

As you know I’m currently working at the Tourist Office in town. Though you might not think so, this leads to some quite interesting moments.

As I’m writing I am listening to three young boys (estimated to be 10-12 years of age) discussing that Legoland has so much money that they can buy all the land surrounding the park. The thing is that I don’t think they realise that the airport, which is right next to the park probably have dibs on most of the land, and don’t really care about 10-year-olds and their wishes for a new rollercoaster… For some reason these guys didn’t find the LIVE PENGUINS as ground breaking as the 5-year-olds that saw the Legoland poster this morning. Strange.

The office being situated in the same hall as the ticket “office” of the water park in town really has ups and downs. There is the unbearable noise from school children every morning when they arrive to get their swim training. but there is also the new – and may I add, quite hot – life guard. Unfortunately I have recently discovered that this lifeguard is the son of the owner, which is just not okay. Also he is three years younger than me, which is a clear no go.

What else can I tell you about…? Well apparently artists are real divas! We are making a Snaps for the city and  it is next to impossible to be allowed to use the art symbol of the town, for the label. This is despite the fact that the Town owns the art piece and it being displayed in the middle of the pedestrian street for all to see and photograph. Commercial usage rules for art – be gone!

I’ve also been promoted to cand.mag.beep and even though I love that I got this masters degree in like 5 minutes I still would have preferred a diploma for it. It is received by conducting exemplary resetting of the electronic gift certificates. Which I have become really good at after resetting approximately 4000 of them. And then today Jens told me that he just got 2000 more for me to do next week because I was so good – damn those mad skills. But I like Jens so I’ll do it. He has good stories, he appreciates the work that one do for him and he is fun. So I guess it is all okay. Besides, resetting electronic cards makes for a lot more fun than sorting the new brochures, though criticizing the layout of various towns’ and city’s city guides and brochures makes for excellent time spending.

Cand.mag.beep only requires my ability to count to 25 over and over again!

I think that was it for the update on my very exhilarating professional life.


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