Petition me here, petition me there.

Petition granted. Though I’m not entirely certain I don’t already have Paul Walker.?

I petition that we try and have four posts each without any mention of The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider or any subject relating to it! We are turning into pathetic human beings and along with out new blog it just doesn’t really make us look just remotely sane.

SingStar is awesome and Garfunkel and Oates are awesome, so naturally Garfunkel and Oates as SingStar would be double awesome. Can’t wait for the 21st when their new album comes out. It will be triple awesome.

Why is it exactly we need to do a cover of that exact song though?


I am proposing (once again not in the whole ring and wedding sort of way) that we try and get a hold of a karaoke set of some kind, which has Barbie Girl on it, because as far as I remember Roman still owes me a number. It would be awesome (totally my word) if he could pay his debt on the 23rd of March, or what do you think?


Also I’ve been looking at brochures for various destinations in Denmark over the last few days and it makes me want to plan some sort of holiday. I could totally do London, but I’m thinking you and I could find something slightly less familiar and quite a bit more ‘new adventure-ish’. Not saying we have to leave in a week but hey you know me, I can spend months planning. And see it as me trying to teach you to just be unspontaneous (totally a word) just a bit sometimes.

I think that was it foe now – except we need to learn this song:

(mostly because it would be awesome to know all the countries of the world.)


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