Thanks, but no thanks.

You know me to well, because for a minute when I saw the headline I thought: “Shit, how do I tell her I do not want to marry her?” So thanks for not asking me to marry you and now you know what I will say if you ever should decide to ask me. So unless you like rejection don’t ask.

Back on topic; Vienna. I miss it too. I miss all the small things just like you. And I’m pretty sure my list would be identical to yours. I’d maybe add taking too long breaks during German lessons to have noddles with Krisztina, watching people do Fire Shots at Travel Shack, even my adventures in broken electronics warms my heart, going to Ikea with public transport and a reluctant Wouter, Kristen calling our teacher dude and not even realizing it and discovering Vapiano (and your huge crush on the manager-guy). Those five months are just stock filled with so many amazing memories. And thank god for Facebook so we can keep in touch with all of them. Just imagine us going there in the pre-internet era; we would have to write hones to god real letters to keep in touch.

In other news, I would like to petition the court for Chris Evans. And I am willing to give you say Paul Walker?

And to end on a sad note: Internet lockdown is in action – fuck my life, but I’m sort of pissed at my client at the moment, so I am thinking of rebelling and just posting as I want and not like now where I am stuck at a random pub with a stirring baby and creepy looking bald men and my only salvation is the free WiFi.


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