My proposal.

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to marry me.

I am just proposing that we move back to Vienna and then force everyone else to move back there as well.

My reasons are way past threefold, and we both know that anything past threefold reasoning must be.

I found some videos from Vienna that I hadn’t uploaded yet, and that naturally led to me watching all of the videos from our six months there. Suddenly my worries about loans and despair towards finding a job, and blaming it on not doing an internship on the fourth semester, disappeared. Remembering all the good times made me feel nothing but grateful and left me thinking “It was so worth it”.

It is not exactly a secret that I was reluctant before we left for Vienna, but I cannot think of a single bad thing to say about it now. Not even our over-excited HR teacher, who used to draw the weather on the flip-board, like she was teaching kindergarten.

Not even the crappy apartment with the low-hanging lamp, terrible orange colour and the dreadful fire alarm can ruin my memories of Vienna.. (It refuses to upload my videos of the fire alarm, so you will just have to imagine an ear pinching sound, which is on for 30-60 minutes, approximately once a week).

Here are some of the things that I find I miss the most:

  • Movie nights with Wouter
    I still can’t believe that he voluntarily watched Disney with us and generally just let us decide what we wanted to watch. But we had some great nights. And he once brought those Dutch Tiger nut thingies for him and me.
  • Wine nights with Teele and Wouter
    Mostly whenever Teele or we had made too much food and needed to share it. Happened way to rarely, since you and I perfected the art of eating out during those five months.
  • Eating out
    To this day I don’t think I have eaten out as much as we did in Vienna, and I loved it.
  • Being hungover on Tuesdays
    There are just some things you can only do while on an exchange semester, and getting drunk pretty much any day of the week is one of them. I miss partying at random night clubs and dorms. And I miss all the cool birthday presents we came up with for so many people.
  • My Argentinian guys
    For the first time I can ever remember I weren’t the loudest person around. I loved spending time with those guys and I’m starting to gather money to go visit them, since Juan pretty much invited us (again).
    To this day I can still remember Juan, Fernando, Gaston and Pablo standing around me and jumping up and down – what is now known as an Argentinian hug.
  • Thomas…
    both complaining and being grateful that I took pictures of everything. I still say that he reminded me so much of my little brother that I couldn’t help bossing him around a little.
  • Jonathan and me in a play
    The first time I’ve ever turned tears of laughter into real tears in the name of acting. I can’t remember who is was that played opposite us, but I feel so sorry for them, they stood no chance with Jonathan and I.
  • Enya and Jameson
    We should so have folded them up and put them in our pockets so we could have brought them to Denmark with us. I miss them cooking amazing Chinese food and just being their amazing positive selves.
  • Presenting and Negotiating in English
    Come on, any teacher that calls me Prince Charles without the ears need some credit. Besides You, Krisztina and Teele in one class can only be amazing.
  • Tony
    Because she was just awesome and her Australian accent triggered my British accent, which I miss when I don’t have it.
  • Both our lovely Buddies
    Just because they were amazing and introduced us to some great Austrian people
  • Thomas’s Georg
    Totally forgot that we called him that, but he is so amazing, and I still miss him even though we got to spend a whole additional six months with him in Denmark.
  • Michael from ESN
    Because a video update from Schönbrunn reminded me that he waves like a rapper! It is so hilarious.
  • Estella
    Simply for being her chipper always positive self, and an amazing day at the Aquarium, despite the bird attack.

There are loads of more things that I miss, but this blog would just be way too long if I continued writing, but in short I could also mention: Kürbiskern weckerln, German (I know, but I honestly miss it), Our amazing American teacher, getting drunk, Travel Shack, The Dutch guys, Football, Strandbar, Maria Hilfer Strasse, everything being open all the time, The U-Bahn, The tram, FH Wien, Latte Grande (particularly their risotto), Daily Chai Latte, The weather (it is just so much better than here), having visits from home, going to the cinema and living with you (though we were ready to kill each other in the end)…


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