In need of a real life.

You know how other bloggers always end up not posting in certain periods of their lives because “real life got in the way?”, well I need a real life to get in the way for me.

I have no life to speak of at the moment. So besides this blog with you, the 365 photo projects also in collaboration with you and my own blog, I decided to start a new project. Six Word Story.

This is clearly not my Six Word Story as I am not that creative. This is from Six Word Story Every Day project.

This will be weekly – maybe more since I have no life at the moment – photo and graphics project where I create a, you guessed it, six word story to go with it. I’ve launched it yesterday on my own blog, so you would think that would limit my ideas. Well no.

Because at this moment I’ve started a new blog. A Rikke vs. The DVD stack blog. I’ve decided to – once I have the chance – to go through and watch all my DVD’s from a to z. Granted this little project will not start until March where I can pack up and bring a few DVD’s with me back to London, but still, do I really need another project?

Apparently yes, because I am bored out of my mind. Well, back to the newest blog and then I have a book. Maybe that will keep the boredom at bay until tonight.


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