Dead (wo)men tell no tales.

Unless they are me. For this post is coming to you from beyond the grave. Yes, I read that you willingly gave me James and I promptly died of disbelief and thoughts of ulterior motives, but mostly just plain old shock. So I thank you and promise to never mention it again in fear of you changing your mind.

But sure, you can have all the other pretty boy CW hunks. And Drew Fuller – even tough I liked him when he was in Charmed which was way before Army Wives – but damn, he looks even better now with the short hair. And I’ll take the CW pretty boy hunks I mentioned. As for the Magic Mike hunks? No we are not even close to being done. But I don’t have strong feelings towards Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Adam Rodriguez or Kevin Nash. I would not mind Joe Manganiello, but mosly because I think he gives the most awesome hugs ever.

But you are right this is slightly creepy, but hey we put the creep in creepy, so why the hell not?

Enough about our fictive relationships with famous men. I’m starting work tomorrow and right now I do not feel very inclined. I’d rather do something else, but seeing as I need food and shelter I sort of need to work a catch 22 if there ever were one.

Okay, I’ll stop now because otherwise this will turn into a very sad post very quickly and no one wants that.


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