Better mood?

First of all I am in an all better mood now – sort of.

None of the issues are fixed, but I’ll survive because that is what I do. And yes I know that I am ungrateful and that there are loads of other people on this earth that are way worse off than me but I can’t really think about that right now. I know that I should be happy that I was born into a world where education is free and my parents can afford to help me and generally the state provides for me. I even have a pension fund that is getting considerably larger than I thought it would be by the time I was 24 (granted, I was expecting it to be zero)…

But still I just don’t really find my situation that appealing right at this moment. Stupid world we live in. Stupid world that censor our blog – what the FUCK is up with that? Stupid Internet rules. Stupid parents that think their kids will be hurt by reading specific words on the Internet. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! (take that world).

Okay I started out stating I was in a better mood – the previous probably state the opposite – but that is only because my mum broke a promise and mums are not supposed to do that – not even when I’m 24 – a promise is still a promise.

Taking my mood into consideration, the following should be looked upon very gratefully, because I am currently willing to let you have James Lafferty (though I was not so pleased when I first read your suggestion). I must have Drew Fuller then!!! AND I am expecting that Michael Trevino, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder are mine! I might have to wrestle Trine for that last one though.

Did we already divide the Magic Mike characters?

(This is turning into something really creepy by the way!)

And regarding your title referring to us sort of knowing James – unless it is by less than six degrees that is quite overexciting yourself – if it is six degrees we sort of know the entire world, but I like your way of thinking, maybe we should have us a little talk with Morten?

By the by (sounds so much better than P.S.) be very grateful I didn’t even begin to argue with you over Jensen Ackles, despite the stupid name.


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