I’m having one of those mornings where I have done all that I could for it to be good. I got up at 7.00 though I don’t have to leave the house until 9.40, but still it just turned out crappy. Apparently my unemployment insurance company doesn’t open before 10 and by then I’ll be at work and will find it sort of difficult to call them. I’ll have to though, because they want proof that I have been “forced” to be off work between Christmas and New Year. They could have written me slightly earlier about that, since I handed in the papers three [censored] weeks ago…

And in case that disaster of crap wasn’t enough I apparently need to pay 1200 kroner for two movies I handed in three days late IN 2009!!! Surely it is too late to wan’t those now. I refuse to pay of course and the “nice” lady on the phone explained the consequences and then I just had to explain to her that I DON’T LOSE!

Sorry! I’ll blogdate again later when this day has turned slightly more positive and I actually have the energy to fight you over who gets James!

Have a nice day (no I didn’t say this vomitingly chippy and with an ironic grin on my face)


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