We (sort of) know James!

While you have picked some pretty boys – I expect nothing else from the combination of the CW and you – I’m not sure I really want to call dibs on any of them. Well, I would not mind James Lafferty. No, sir, not at all. But in general these are more your guys. You didn’t even touch – heh he – on my favorite CW men: Jensen Ackles, Jason Dohring or Shane West. So I guess we could divide all of the CW pretty boys between us without incident. Well, we might have to fight over James, but competition is good – I say like we actually have a chance of ever meeting these people.

James says hi!

Although. Morten knows Thure who was in Into the Wild with Emile Hirse who stared in Alpha Dog with Justin Timberlake who appeared in Friends with Benefits which stared One Tree Hill’s Bryan Greenberg and boom we know James Lafferty. That is six degrees. It could happen, right? Six degrees of separation is so much more fun when it yourself you are trying to connect with people. And we have to very good starting point when it comes to celerities; Morten and Kristen so we could totally know all of these people.

And the patent is going slowly – as in it is only in theory, but hey, ideas count – but surely. I think I might have to patent a few other ideas. At some point. That would help us get rich, right? And then we would have the money to go to Hollywood and be full times stalkers – ehm admirers  – of these pretty people. I’m sure we would make an impression.

In other news, the male stripper movie: Magic Mike has yet to get an international release date. But hot damn, we need to see that movie. I don’t even care if the plot sucks – which let us be honest there is a real possibility it might do, because this is the plot: “An upstart male stripper is taken under the wing of a more experienced colleagues.” On the other hand it is Steven Sonderbergh of Ocean’s Eleven that is directing it.


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