The understatement of the year – in January!

Well as the headline bids I think bending the truth a little is the understatement of the year, which is an accomplishment in itself considering we are only just halfway through January. We both know lying liars who lie though – I believe name dropping is very unnecessary here – and we are not even close to that level. But that is the thing with phrases like “a little” or “much” or anything relating to time, they are so dependant on context.

On the note of context – that last post of yours is even more random than my random banana image!

I don’t even know how to respond to it… So I guess I will just leave it at the notion of randomness involved.

Instead lets go back to Nolan Ross. I totally agree with you, he is an amazing character – partaking in an equally amazing show. I absolutely love Revenge. My love for the show is actually kind of strange considering the lack of good looking men – for reference of hot men see: The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider ©™® (patent pending) – I normally “fall for” the boyish CW look… The closest we come to a CW guy on Revenge is Daniel and he just doesn’t cut it compared to the CW cute/hot/hunk/heroic/MAN -nes…

Sorry for the size, but for your convenience I’ve added links: James LaffertyMichael TrevinoIan SomerhalderRobert BuckleyStephen CollettiSteven R. McQueen, Paul Wesley – I have left out Joshua Bowman because mostly it is pictures of him and Miley Cyrus and neither of us wants to look at that.

(By the way; dating Miley Cyrus in real life doesn’t really make him look better in this totally subjective comparison)

But back to the point of this poster of yum yum! I do realize that it is unfair to make this comparison but honestly I’ve only even compared him to headliners of two CW shows and he doesn’t even begin to add up. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop watching Revenge, because it is actually my favourite Thursday show (time difference and all makes it Thursday here before I can watch it), and that hurts me to say because it airs the same night as OTH, but there is a long lived love between me and that show, which must end, it is dying of natural causes – old age…

So let the dividing begin (how is the patent coming along?).


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